Playing Dead/Injuries

Well all right. This could be useful…

Well it could. Control your expressions, girl. At this point the girl feels the need to offer some sort of trigger warning. We’re not exactly sure what for, but the following pictures could be upsetting, even though it is all fake.

(I may have accidentally forgotten I was wearing this and opened the door, scaring the delivery boy, who asked if I wanted him to call the police for me. - AC)

The first thing one does when applying death makeup is take out the colour from the lips. Use a concealer. Any existing lip makeup may be removed or simply smeared to the side.

This is really all that needs to be done for a simple playing dead makeup, (and often all that is done for on screen) but let’s put some injuries in. A bruise and cut on the cheekbone.

First a lilac cream shadow over the general area the bruise will help the area look swollen slightly and irritated.

Then some Quite Natural Paintpot from MAC. I have lost count of how many times we have used this product. They should endorse us.

And a touch of dark purple under where one is going to put blood.

Bruises will be most prominent over the sharpest areas of the face, cheekbone, forehead, chin…

The fake blood recipe we use can be packed down to create congealed effects (it’s the coffee grounds) but also used to create dribbles of blood, such as those that might come from the mouth.

So again, add bruises to the area you are injuring, here focused on the forehead, also cheekbone, a little jaw area, and down the side of the nose. We are going for a more grazed appearance.

Apply blood sparingly at first. We are using a foundation brush.

Build up in layers, too much will easily cheapen the look.

See, If we cover the girl’s hands in blood and get her to hold them up it just looks cute.

Take the hands away and…

Now go arrange yourself on a pavement outside of a hospital and wait.

Oh come on, it was kind of funny…


Yeah, okay, it was. - AC